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Who Am I?

It's time to reconnect with your true self

To answer your question ‘Who am I’, you need to return to information held in your date of birth and name.

On the moment of your birth your Life Path was decided.

On receiving your given name, your Destiny & Soul’s desire was outlined.

Trust me, your path and destiny were never meant to be doubt, fear or unfulfillment.  Limiting beliefs and self sabotage are not meant to be yours.

You are amazing, you always have been. It’s time to answer the question Who am I and reconnect the your truth – you are a Queen

UnveilUnlock – Activate

Numerology is the most amazing universal tool to help you know yourself and unveil your potential.

‘’Know Your Potential’ provides a gorgeous framework for understanding who you are, your purpose and your unique set of gifts and talents. You’ll no longer need to guess at how your life is going to unfold.

The programme can unveil why you’re not in flow, struggling with Imposter Syndrome or generally feeling unfilled in your work, relationships and your wealth. It provides clarity and enlightenment so you can move forward towards your destiny and joy.

Ultimately, we unveil who you truly are so you can live the life of potential and abundance you deserve.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the ancient science of numbers and letters, thought to have been created by Pythagoras, the Greek mystic and mathematician. There are other forms of Numerology dating back to old civilisations such as Babylon and ancient China. I am a student of Western Pythagorean Numerology.

Numerology can appear to be magical in its accuracy but in reality it’s a practical tool that can provide enlightenment, guidance and affirmation. Essentially each number and letter has its own unique vibration and that vibration can be interpreted to help us understand the world and ourselves as individuals.

Numerology can help you access and understand the deeper you; your quirks, talents & gifts.

Desires, relationships, careers even the vibration of your house can all be accessed through numbers.

With Numerology there is no need to wonder questions such as ‘what is my path’ and‘who am I’. The answers are unveiled in your numbers.

People are often searching for who they truly are, what their true destiny is.

These questions are simply answered with the spiritual science of Numerology.

How Can Numerology Help Me?

Am I living my best life?  Why do I feel unfulfilled?  Why am I so frustrated with life?

If you are asking yourself any of these questions a Numerology Reading could be just the thing you are looking for

Your Personal Numerology Reading

If you’re new to Numerology, a simple 7 core numbers reading will show you who you truly are and always have been. The knowledge it unveils can empower you to make the shifts you need to have an abundant and fulfilled life.

This personal reading focuses on the positive aspects of your true self which in turn will reveal to you any areas of resistance and struggle. 

What better gift to yourself is there than unveiling and affirming your gifts, talents and skills. 

Energy Healing & Numerology

Numerology beautifully unveils to us who we are. However, when we discover that we should naturally be confident, creative, expressive or organised etc it can throw up limiting beliefs and fears.

Energy Healing is therefore the perfect partner to Numerology because it helps you unlock and realign to your true self. With Energy Healing you can eliminate the beliefs holding you back, release the fears and step into a new energy of empowerment.

Samantha Sutherland Numerologist & Energy Healer

It has taken me 40+ years & 3 careers to figure out that my purpose and sense of fulfilment comes from supporting women to know they are so much more than their limiting beliefs and the roles.

Why?  Because that person was me up until my early 40’s and I don’t want anyone else feeling frustrated, limited and blocked any longer than they have to.

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