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2022 – Embracing the Year 6

Before we go any further, I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and an abundant New Year!

And what a year it has been. As we enter the festive season let us prepare to shake off the dust of 2021 and get ready to enjoy a gorgeous 2022. I say gorgeous year because numerology unveils to us a universal year 6. A year of love, family, home and acknowledging responsibilities.

You’re more than likely going to find 2022’s 6 year has a slower energy than 2021’s fast paced 5 vibration. Many times this year I have asked where has time gone. One month seems to have disappeared into the next in no time. No sooner had I planned for the coming months than they had arrived. Did you find that?

Luckily, as a year 6, 2022 will tend to feel a lot less hurried and as a universal year this can felt by everyone. We can take this opportunity to feel a lot more grounded and balanced.

What is a Universal year in numerology?

Regardless of whatever numerology personal year you are in (discover yours here), it’s going to be a time for everyone to embrace the love and positive vibrations of 2022. A universal year means that the vibration is available to, and will influence to some degree, everyone.

Think of a carousel at a funfair. It’s moving slowly, looking beautiful, with people on the horses having fun. If you embrace the energy of the carousel and climb aboard you’re more likely to enjoy the ride than if you were standing on the sidelines just watching.

In my analogy the carousel is the universal year. It’s happening and is there for everyone to enjoy. Whether you choose to go with the flow and take the horse by the reins is completely up to you.

Travel and home

Over the last couple of years travel has been very restricted giving us even more of a yearning to get away from the troubles we have all been facing. That need to get away will hopefully seem less prevalent in 2022. We are likely to become more aware of the home space around us being less of a prison as we have experienced over the last couple of years, but embracing our surroundings. 

We may find that we actually want to stay at home more. Not necessarily through political instruction or restriction. More through appreciation and beauty of our surroundings. Feel and enjoy the freedom of your space. Your home.

Something as basic as putting up a bird feeder in the garden and enjoying the birdsong from the wildlife it attracts can make us feel centered and calm. Step out into the garden and breath the air, particularly at the moment in the winter months when the air is crisp and clean.

Home improvements or renovations could be on the cards to improve your own space and enjoy walking through the door at the end of a busy day. I love being greeted by Hobbes, throwing my bag down and flopping down onto the sofa. I think I need a new sofa. Well, if this year is going to bring me anything, it looks like I’ll be going sofa shopping in the new year!

Hobbes Bearded Collie on Sofa with Santa Teddy
Hobbes our Bearded Collie and Life Path 7!

Year 6 global responsibility on a personal scale

The turmoils of humanity won’t disappear in 2022 so we will all still be taking stock of not only the world around us, but our responsibilities within the much larger global issues that face us. Albeit contained within our immediate home life. We will be able to stand back and see the bigger picture of how the last couple of years particularly have affected everyone. 

With a little time and consideration we can look at how, in our own small way, we can each do our bit. I always find that even the smallest of changes can be so satisfying. As with many of you, it’s common practice now for me to take a little bit of time to make sure the correct items are washed and condensed ready for the recycling bin. It’s a little thing, but knowing that I am doing my bit for the planet makes me happy, I am a Life Path 9 after all!

This is our year to step up and ask ourselves what our responsibilities are. On a microscopic level and by taking on our own responsibilities we will still understand the bigger picture, but I like to think that we can identify our roles to play. 

Look. We need to leave this planet in a better condition, environmentally, socially & politically, for children and grand-children. Even the future generations we are not related to.

Heck, we are all globally a family in the grand scheme of things.

Family and loved ones

Talking of loved ones, family and relationships tend to get more of a focus in a year 6. Family does not just mean parents, grandparents, children or grand-children.

The concept of family is the energy within those relationships. Anyone you pour love onto can be considered family. Our pets, friends and even fellow members of our church or activity groups we belong to are our family. If you run your own business you may even refer that as your baby.

We will be more inclined to take on responsibility (that word again) of any family issues. Not only resolving the issues, but relieving ourselves of any drama we simply do not feel responsible for. Tell loved ones how much you love them. If you want to marry and spend the rest of your life with your partner then just ask them.

This is a superb year for not putting off any affairs of the heart. That could even be the sadness of unburdening yourself with the subject of divorce! Such a subject can still be approached with love and positivity.

Generally, in universal or personal year 6s, you will likely be drawn to nurture, care and support others more than normal. Just go with it and enjoy the love that is returned.

Positivity, Perfection & Self Care

2022 holds a lot of positive vibes. As well as all the love that’s around there’s an air of positivity which just crackles if you’re ready to seize it for your life and work goals. In fact, all this love makes you a perfect magnet for success and a perfect time for embracing the Law of Attraction if you aren’t doing so already.

There is a perfectionist vibe that comes with a year 6. Being the best that you can be and achieving the goals you set yourself is one thing, but realise that some things can be perfectly imperfect. We are already embracing imperfect produce so let’s embrace all things beautifully imperfect about ourselves and our outcomes. 

With all the care and responsibility of others comes a strong need for dedicated self care. How does the saying go…you can’t pour from an empty cup! Take care of your needs and then you can pour love on everyone and everything you hold in your heart.

2022 bonus gift

As well as being a year 6, 2022 has a lot of 2s which in Numerology can’t be ignored. The multiple 2s indicate our own intuitive abilities and sensitivities may ramp up. As a result it won’t be uncommon for many of us to feel hypersensitive emotionally and to our environments.

These energies can be balanced out with tools such as meditation and yoga. The 6 vibration adores balance so these activities will also help us as we step up to the responsibility table.

The 2s also call for us to slow down a little and let things unfold. An underlying need for harmony and to create peace will have us testing our diplomacy skills. Again this perfectly complements the year 6 as we deal with any family issues and strive to create our sanctuary. Home.

Final Words on a year 6

There is always so much more to be said but in short, for 2022 step up and embrace the vibrations that the universal year 6 brings with it.

Lead with love, hold that space in your hearts.

Merry Christmas lovelies

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