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August 2021 Numerology Forecast

Welcome to this August 2021 Numerology forecast. Numerology forecasting is not about predicting the future or actual events. It is, however, a great way to be aware of the general monthly vibe. This is a forecast for the Universal month of August, meaning it’s vibe and energy is available to everyone.

Universal Month 4 – The Dedicated Worker

August is a Universal month 4. After July’s 3 sunny social vibe, August offers a more focused energy. Key words for this month are organisation, planning, money and dedication.

August may traditionally be the month of holidays and fun so the idea of focusing on planning and getting organised may be far from your thoughts. However, August’s vibe makes it a great time to take stock of where you are and what you need to do, and get in place for the last 3rd of 2021.

The 4 vibration informs us August is a good time to check if your foundations are in place, for example do you feel secure and steady in your wealth and home? It prompts us to look at facing any debts and making a plan to deal with them. It’s also a great time to consider planning your future – for this week, month, year and longer term.

Don’t forget your physical health. It’s important to balance out your work ethic with movement, good nutrition and self nurturing habits. The simplest way of approaching this month is to ask “what do I need to have in place to build my future?“.

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Don’t panic all this talk of planning and organising doesn’t mean you have to spend your summer with your head in your accounts or diary. Just simply be aware of any underlying urges to get things organised or wanting to deal with things so your ready. For some this may present as being more organised with regards to holiday plans and others it may be random urges to finish that project.

However the drive to get organised, plan and take action shows up for you, go with it, it’s meant to be happening.

A Secondary vibe – The Manifester

As the 8th month of the year, August also resonates in it’s own right, as an 8, The Manifester. The 8 energy is a faster and freer version of the 4 so they compliment and balance each other perfectly. It may also be interesting to know the word August also vibrates as an 8.

Both the 4 and 8 energy have a strong connection to money. The 4 energy likes to have a strong financial foundation from which it can grow. The 8 energy has an easy come easy go vibe, trusting that it will always be available and return.

This double money energy presented by the 4 & 8 makes it a phenomenal month to:

  • Get your finances sorted
  • Check in with your money blocks. Don’t wait another month to start the process of clearing any limiting beliefs or sabotaging behaviours around your relationship with money.
  • Review your financial goals
  • Build on your business foundations
  • Work with your manifesting tools
  • Plan for success

Your Personal Month vibes

The universal guide above is awesome but working with your Personal year and personal months provides a more focused forecast for you personally. Below is a summary of August for each Personal Year. You can learn more about personal years here. If you’ve previously purchased a personal 12 month forecast from me don’t forget to refer to the August forecast for more information.

Personal Year 1, Personal Month 9 ~ A month to confidently tie loose ends, release & transform. Don’t miss the opportunity this month to release any negative money attitudes and beliefs.

Personal Year 2, Personal Month 1 ~ A month to be confident in the steps you take & decisions you make. Step into this new energy with an air of potential. Plan for success.

Personal Year 3, Personal Month 11 ~ You may experience being emotionally sensitive so take practical steps to keep yourself balanced. Let others be inspired by your energy as you demonstrate the beauty of simply being yourself. Be open to some unexpected money magic.

Personal Year 4, Personal Month 3 ~ Your personal year 4 is gorgeously aligned to this universal month 4. You may feel distracted from work so consider diverting your attention to checking in on your finances and goals. Don’t forget to make time for fun and being social.

Personal Year 5, Personal Month 4 ~ Your personal and universal months are aligned with the Universes. Use the double 4 this provides to buckle down and get your personal and professional life in order. Get yourself ready for September. Don’t forget to have a bit of fun along the way, it is a year 5 after all.

Personal Year 6, Personal Month 5 ~ This is month of change so don’t be surprised when this happens. Be especially open to changes and opportunities within your family and friend network. It’s also a great month to get planning your gift purchases for the rest of 2021.

Personal Year 7, Personal Month 6 ~ Spend this month enjoying your family and those important to you. Plan in some to time to look at what you want to achieve personally, especially around the home. This is a great month to meditate on Love.

Personal Year 8, Personal Month 7 ~ This month is for recharging and reflection. Sit in the sun and consider your happiness, is it being influenced by internal or by external sources? Where does money fit into your happiness?

Personal Year 9, Personal Month 8 ~ This month let go of all resistance to your success and abundant wealth. Step into your personal power by releasing self doubt or thinking small.

Personal Year 11, Personal Month 1 ~ This is a month for you to stand confident in your gifts, skills and talents. Show the world who you are and inspire them with your energy. Be open to receiving new ideas and opportunities.

If you’re like me and appreciate viewing life’s flow from many perspectives I also recommend checking out Yasmin Bolands book Moonology to gain insights from an Astrological perspective.

Making the most of August 2021

Now you know the general vibe of August how you going to make the most it.?

If you have a lot of plans or a huge to do list don’t be scared to go within to find the priorities. The 4 energy wants to support you to create calm from any chaos enabling you see the journey you need to take. When the silence comes you’ll hear what is the priority or the most beneficial action to take.

It’s also no surprise this 4 likes to be grounded. Kick off your flip flops (or wellies looking at the forecast!) and feel the soil and sand beneath your feet. Let the earths energy create space in your energy, so you can move forward with ease and joy.

Personally I’m in a Personal Year 1, so I’m in a month 9 and I have the Universal 4 vibration to benefit from. To make the most of this months vibe I’m going to be taking a look at my business and personal life. Looking at how I want to leave 2021, is there anything that is holding me back or weighing me down?

Professionally i’ll be focusing on what practical tools or systems I need in order to reach my shorter and longer term goals. Inspired by Denise Duffield-Thomas comment on ‘killing your Darlings’ in her book Chillpreneur, to really look at my ideas and income generators. Are there some that need letting go or at least putting in a box for another time? Figuring this is out is likely to require me reaching for my journal and oracle cards to find guidance. I also won’t be letting that 8 slip by either as I revisit my intentions for the coming month and focus on my success.

Regardless of how much you embrace this months Numerology vibe, remember it is August so smile, laugh, love your loved ones and dance in the rain – oops sunshine.

If you love the idea of being aligned to your true self and want to flow with the year’s vibe simply go here for more info.

Take care

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