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Numerology FAQs

What are Numerology master numbers?

Master numbers are the numbers 11, 22 and 33. These numbers are more spiritual and vibrate higher than numbers 1-9.  Master numbers are more difficult to manage so demand a higher attention level and take longer to master. They are numbers with a calling attached to them.

Are numerology reports accurate?

In reality, the accuracy is largely determined by the recipient and how they receive the information. Practically, all numerology reports require accurate calculation and interpretation. While all numbers have a core explanation each numerologist may have their own slant.

Numerology and astrology aren’t related. One uses numbers and their specific vibrations the others is the study of the planets & moons. Although not related, they do beautifully complimented each other for a multidimensional approach to self.

What numerology year am I in?

Your personal year number is calculated by adding the digits of your day and month of birth with the current year.

What numerology year is 2021?

2021 is vibrating as a universal year 5. The universal year is calculated by adding the numbers of the year together & taking down to a single digit. 2+0+2+1=5

Numerology when to start a business?

The best time to start a business will be determined by the Numerology of the individual who runs the business or guided by the numerology of the business itself.  In general terms starting a business in a universal or personal year 1 is a good starting point.  You could apply the 1 to the month and even the day for a more specific date.

Numerology when to get married?

Loving someone supersedes all Numerology! But a marriage date resonating with 2s, 6s, & 11s will be full of love, joy & family.

Numerology when to buy a house?

Are you looking for a family home, a party house or something with a spiritual vibe.

In Numerology, considering the door number or address of a home can provide insight into it’s vibrational energy.

Numerology when will I find love?

When your heart is open!  Numerology cannot predict when you will find love. However, days, months & years resonating as a 2 or 6 will help your chances alongside your manifesting activities and beliefs.

Why numerology works?

The magic of Numerology is in it’s simplicity to understand.  Each number has a unique vibration and quality. Each number aligns to specific traits, abilities and properties.  The set of numbers each individual has provides a picture of their potential, skills and talents.

Which numerology number is good for business?

Sorry guys, no simple answer. Your Life Path and Destiny numbers can provide insight into the area of business most likely to be successful for you.  A business name can indicates the vibrational energy of the business itself.  Depending on you, your offering and your desired outcomes the best number combination will vary.  Typically though, the numbers 1, 5 & 8 are generally deemed as great numbers in business.

Which numerology number is the most powerful?

The easiest answer is 22, the Master Builder but why are asking?  Seriously the context of your question will determine the answer, all numbers are powerful. The most powerful for number in diplomacy in 2. The most powerful number for independence is 1!  22 is a phenomenal number if it’s energy can be handled, if not it can debilitating and overwhelming.

Which numerology number is lucky?

Many connect with their Life Path number as being a lucky number, which makes sense, they are closely attached to it. However, 8 is the number of manifesting so brings with it the possibility of everything.

Can numerology predict the lottery numbers?

Oh I wish it could! Unfortunately though Numerology cannot predict the lottery numbers or any form of gambling results.

How is numerology calculated?

On a calculator..ok not helpful.  In numerology every single number and letter has a specific vibrational quality. Depending on the number we are trying to calculate the numbers & letters used will vary. For example, your Life Path is calculated using your date of birth but your Birthday number uses just your day of birth. Your Destiny number is calculated using your Full name on your birth certificate but your Soul number just uses the vowels in this name.

How numerology helps?

Numerology provides a gorgeous new window from which to view yourself and your potential. Numerology can explain why you respond the way you do and why you flow easier in some situations more than others. Knowing your ‘number set’ can provide clarity and in turn leave you enlightened and empowered to live the life you were always meant to have.

Numerology how to attract money?

Your relationship with money can be understood through your Life Path number. Some numbers are more money driven than others. Understanding this can help you work with the Law of Attraction and manifesting so you are aligned with your natural energies rather than against them.  It’s important to note that money blocks are also found in your limiting beliefs and these need clearing to enable a gorgeous flow of money.

What is a birth number in numerology?

Your birthday number is the taken from the day you were born and taken down to single digit. Eg If you are born on the 16th your birthday number will be 7. if you are born on the 8th your birthday number if you’re born on the 23rd Your birthday number will be 5. This is NOT your Life Path number, which uses your whole date of birth.

What does my date of birth mean in numerology?

Your date of birth provides us with two numbers in numerology, your Life Path and Birthday number.  The Life Path number provides is with the essence of your numerology DNA, who you are, how you approach the world and core gifts and talents.  Your Birthday number provides us with information on the gifts and talents that will support you through your life.

Can Numerology predict love?

There is no such thing as a bad number combination but there is definitely easier combinations in relationships. However, if you understand how to work with your partners numbers a successful relationship is always possible. The question is, are they worth the effort?

Numerology v Angel Numbers

Numerology ultimately works with the vibrational qualities of each number 1-9, 11, 22 & 33.  Angel Numbers deals with the spiritual guidance to be found in individual and sequential numbers. There are often cross overs between the two disciplines and together they provide beautiful guidance.

Number 1 in Numerology

1 is the number of new beginnings, new ideas and independence. 1 is the number of confidence, strength and leadership. 1 is decisive, motivated & ambitious.

1 is known as The Independent Leader

Number 2 in numerology

2 is the number of peace, harmony and balance. 2 is the number of relationships,  diplomacy & cooperation. The two is intuitive, gentle and romantic.

2 is known as The Peaceful One

Number 3 in numerology

3 vibrates with creativity, light and imagination. 3 is personal truth, expression and communication. The 3 is inspiring, social and joyful.

3 is known as The Creative Expressionist

Number 4 in numerology

4 is the number of organisation, detail and hard work. 4 is dedicated, loyal and dependable. 4 is concentration, perseverance & methodical.

4 is known as The Dedicated Worker

Number 5 in numerology

5 is the vibration of freedom, bravery and light.  5 is the number of adventure, originality and sociability. 5 is flexible, adaptable and dynamic.

The 5 is known as The Free One

Number 6 in numerology

6 is the number of home, family & domesticity. 6 is love, compassion and contentedness. 6 resonates with responsibility, self sacrifice and commitment.

6 is known The Caring One

Number 7 in numerology

7 is the vibration of knowledge, self awareness and development.  7 is studious, informed and puzzle solver.  7 is the number of contemplation, intuition and spirituality.

7 is known as The Spiritual One

Number 8 in numerology

8 is the number of business, success and money.  8 vibrates with respect, power and self mastery. 8 is visionary, efficiency and generosity.

8 is known as The Manifester

Number 9 in numerology

9 is the vibration of compassion, healing and service. 9 is forgiveness, completion and transformation. 9 is the number of humanity, detachment and broadmindedness.

9 is known as the Compassionate Humanitarian.

Energy Healing FAQs


What is EFT?

EFT is short for Emotional Freedom Technique. It’s a form of Energy Psychology that helps realign emotions distress, negative thoughts and physical discomfort. It therefore helps to release the amazing version of you

Can EFT Tapping Help Anxiety?

EFT may help alleviate symptoms connected with anxiety. EFT can help create emotional space so you can release the emotions and connections to your anxiety.  EFT is great for helping your energy realign to it’s natural state where anxiety need not occur.

What is an EFT Practitioner?

An EFT practitioner uses EFT professionally to support clients in releasing the energetic charge held in thoughts, feelings and physical sensations that are holding them back from living life they want to live it.

How Does Emotional Freedom (EFT) Work?

EFT works by tapping on meridian points and directing kinetic energy through the blocked channels.  The tapping disrupts the blocked pathways, releasing negative emotions and associated physical responses.

Can EFT Aid Weight Loss?

EFT can free you from the thoughts and feeling leading to unhelpful eating habits and the emotions causing you to hold weight, it’s a chemical thing. Weight loss is a beautiful by product of loving and accepting yourself.

Can EFT Aid Weight Loss?

EFT can free you from the thoughts and feeling leading to unhelpful eating habits and the emotions causing you to hold weight, it’s a chemical thing. Weight loss is a beautiful by product of loving and accepting yourself.

Can EFT Heal Anything?

EFT can be used to support the release of any emotional and physical charge around any situation. That doesn’t mean you always should or it’s the right time. 

Can EFT Lower Blood Pressure?

EFT is a great tool to help individuals release emotions such as fear & stress, in doing so a natural side effect could be in the lowering of blood pressure

Can EFT Stop Smoking?

Why do you smoke?  EFT can help you answer the why and then support you to let go of any emotional connections to the habit. The other question it can help you answer is to you really want to?

Can EFT help Depression?

Research is suggesting EFT may help alleviating symptoms connected with depression. EFT can help create emotional space so you can also resolve any issues that led to the actual depressive episode.

Who Invented Emotional Freedom Technique?

Gary Craig is often heralded as the father of EFT. Gary bought EFT to the public consciousness in the 1990’s. His work was based on the teaching and works of Roger Callahan, who was using Thought Field Therapy at the time.


What does Kinesiology means?

Kinesiology in an Energy Healing modality that uses Muscle Testing to identify a stress response within the physical, emotional and subtle energies. There are over 12 different Kinesiology Modalities recognised by the UK Kinesiology Federation.

How does Kinesiology works?

Muscle testing allows us to have a conversation with your whole system, via yes/no or a/b questioning. The guidance provided in the muscle testing guides us to rebalance the identified stressor that needs rebalancing

Can Kinesiology help with Weight Loss?

Kinesiology can help free you from the thoughts, feelings and behaviours leading to unhelpful eating habits and the emotions causing you to hold weight, it’s a chemical thing. Weight loss is a beautiful by product of loving and accepting yourself.

Can Kinesiology Tapping Help Anxiety?

Kinesiology can help the body to tap in to into it’s innate healing ability to deal and cope with anxiety as well as helping you to release any emotional issues contributing to anxiety.

Can Kinesiology help with Allergies?

Muscle testing can help to identify any stress response, in the physical and energetic bodies, caused by a particular substance. Kinesiology can then help the body to update its ‘blueprint’ in relation to that substance so it can naturally rebalance where necessary.

Can Kinesiology help me?

Kinesiology can help with anything but not necessarily in the way you expect. You may come in with a condition and leave with a sense of acceptance, releaving you of the stress and emotions you were holding or if it’s in your highest benefit, support your body realign to wellness and let go of the condition you came with.  Whether it’s over coming nail biting, speaking in public, migraines, fibromyalgia or any other condition, kinesiology supports the physical and energetic bodies to innately heal in way that will always be for of your highest good.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is a global term that encompasses energy medicine modalities, energy psychology modalities and spiritual healing.

Can Energy Healing help me?

Energy Healing works on the highest benefit for the individual. This may result in supporting your body to realign to wellness and let go of the condition you came with or can be to accept, forgive and release trauma.  Whether it’s over coming fears, migraines, illness or a chakra imbalance, Energy Healing supports the physical and energetic bodies to innately heal and rebalance in way that will always be for your highest good.

What is Energy Healing Good For?

Any form of energy healing is great for helping you to reclaim yourself and your life so you can feel, behave and believe in a way that sets you alight.

What is Distance Energy Healing?

Distance healing is when the client is not physically available to touch or work with ie in a typical clinic setting. Some modalities will still like a visual connection where as others are happy without.

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