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Manifesting Success

Manifesting success, sounds good doesn’t it. The question is are you ready to manifest your success and are you already grateful for it?

Numerology 8 Vibration

In numerology, February is universally, a month 8, The Manifester. Whether manifesting success means money, business deals, new clients, new house or that perfect puppy this is the month to get focused. I get excited just thinking of the possibility of this energy.

The 8 vibration is a masculine energy and is action focused but with a spiritual undercurrent. The 8 offers a heightened opportunity for manifesting success when you understand your personal power, have an abundant relationship with money and recognise the role the universe plays.

The 8 is known as the Manifester because the energy of the month is vibrating at a higher level, providing an environment for the universe to respond to our actions and intentions.

5 key ingredients to working with February’s 8 energy are: 

  1. Clarity of vision
  2. Aligned action
  3. Gratitude
  4. A positive relationship with money
  5. Balance

This can be summed up in a simple formula : Vision + Aligned Action + Gratitude = Success

Whether success is applied to you personally or professionally anything is possible. I know, it is unlikely you are suddenly going to have manfesting success if you’ve made not efforts before now (although who says you can’t!) but this is the month to start the ball rolling, seek opportunities and align your energy to your desires.

If you can dream it you can receive it. 

Is your vision clear?

The one thing the 8 vibration requires of us is clarity of vision. We are not talking a logical brain clarity but a visual and emotional clarity so strong that you can put yourself in the energy of already having experienced it; as if you are recalling a memory rather than imagining.

When you have such clarity you are sending out a vibration to the universe that says you are ready. Your energy already believes it has experienced it and according to the Law of Attraction you can’t help but receive that which you have already aligned to.

Einstein is quoted as saying that ‘imagination is everything…’. In sports mental rehearsal is a popular success technique. A 2019 Guardian Article, Tim Lewis writes about many athletes utilising visualisation. Whilst some may find this all a bit ‘woo’ some of the best athletes in the world credit their success, in part, to the technique.

The trick is to not get caught out by only seeing a picture. You need to put your awareness on all your senses. Rehearse what will it feel like like, sound like, taste like?  What elevated emotion will it illicit ~ joy, gratitude, love and appreciation? Let’s be honest, if you can’t generate these emotions then should you really be calling it in?

Use this technique to help you really tap into the energy of this 8 month. Dedicate time to visualising and mentally rehearsing one thing you want to call in.


Warning : ’Where attention goes energy flows’. This month especially wherever you are focusing you will see more of it. Be aware then, if your clarity is off, you are just as likely to call in confusion and chaos.  Don’t let the drama of life cloud your vision.  Always return to the amazing sensation of having already experienced your desire and raise your emotional vibration accordingly.

Taking aligned action

You can’t change your life just having happy thoughts and sitting on the sofa; a common argument when you start talking about Law of Attraction, visualisation etc. Of course you can’t, the universe demands we do our share of the work, you are co-creating.

The clarity step mentioned above has two functions. The first is to raise your energy so you can take action. The second is to raise your vibration so the universe can respond. As much as the 8 is an action focused energy, you still need to make sure it is aligned action. It has to make sense and move your forward. The question you should always have at the back of your mind is does this move me a step closer to my desire?

Your role here is to keep yourself open. Open to seeing the steps you weren’t anticipating, walking through doors that suddenly open for you and responding to the odd syncronisities rather than brushing them off. You have to be ready to take the opportunity, this is the universe putting you in the right place at the right time.

As you go through February, this gorgeous 8 month, open yourself to all possibility. Don’t dismiss those odd situations. If you’re not sure, take a breath. Does the opportunity feel aligned, is your intuition urging you forward, or if you are out of alignment away from it. Trust yourself and trust the universe. 

Fortunately February is the second month of the year and also holds the vibration of the 2. In numerology the 2 is a highly intuitive energy so use it and trust in yourself and the actions you take. 

Love & Gratitude

If you are a student of the Law of Attraction you’ll know that elevated emotions are key to manifesting success. As we’ve already covered, love, joy, appreciation and gratitude are your go too here.

We aren’t talking surface emotions, where the smile doesn’t reach the eyes.  We are talking energy changing, deep, soul stirring vibrations that the universe can’t help but respond too.

Fortunately, we are boosted this year with it being a Universal Year 6 (see previous blog). The 6 vibration is drenched in love but the question is do you love yourself enough to let you receive your desires?  Do you love your vision enough to let nothing take you of course?

Before you leave your bed every morning this month, pull forward these emotions and reconnect with the vision of your desire.  Mentally rehearse what it would be like having it already and then hold that emotion as you go about your every day tasks. Imagine how good would that feel every day.

Do the same at bedtime and let it be the last thing your brain works on.

Is your money energy aligned to manifesting?

A key factor to having a successful relationship with the 8 vibration is to have a positive yet neutral relationship with money. Money is neither bad nor good, it doesn’t judge you or resist you. Money doesn’t make you a bad or good person.

When you consider ‘money’ it’s basically bits of paper and various metals yet the emotional energy we put on it is crazy. Let’s be honest, I’m sure there aren’t many people who put the same emotional resonance on a dinner plate. 

Unfortunately, the 8 doesn’t vibe well with negative, judgemental and lack focused energy.  The 8 wants you to receive, charge, earn, give, spend, invest and save easily. The more you have the more you give. The more you give the more you get. The you get the more you have – you get the picture.  

My favourite analogy here is that we don’t panic the ocean isn’t going to come back when the tide goes out, we know there is flow and it always returns. The same applies with money, there is flow. There is enough to go round, it must flow back to you when you let you it go.

From an energetic perspective, you should celebrate 1p with the same energy you’d celebrate having £1million. It took me a long time to figure this out but when I did it was fun. The crazy thing is, often the limitations we put around our ability to have or hold on to money has nothing to do with money. One of my biggest money blocks was feeling responsible for my sister because my mum had asked me to take her to the park with me when I was 9! We’ll save that story for another day.

The best thing you can for do for yourself this month, to help you with the 8 energy and indirectly with the other numerology vibrations, is to set about clearing away any negative thoughts and limiting beliefs you have around money.  In our Facebook group this month we have a fun 9 day experience to simultaneously help you uncover blocks and expand your money energy, you do need to join to access it so see you in there.

Out of balance out of alignment

The one thing that will trip you up, and inhibit you really embracing the potential offered in an 8 month, is being out of emotional balance. This is always the case when working with an 8 but it’s the case ever more so this month with all the 2 energy around us ~ 2/2022. As well as being a fabulous intuitive energy the 2 can also be highly sensitive emotionally and can breed self doubt and insecurity and this will take you our of balance and out of alignment with your manifesting.

We’ve already said that if you are out of emotional balance you will manifest drama as easily you’ll manifest your desire. Practical ways to manage this are getting out in nature, yoga and meditation. Being an EFT practitioner I’ll always add EFT in to the mix but essentially anything that grounds you into your body and soothes your emotions is a good call.  Don’t forget to make time to check in with yourself, and take action for your wellbeing as much as your destiny.

Don’t forget as much as you don’t want to become hypersensitive, over emotional and self doubting you don’t want to be in over energy and become greedy or selfish either.

Final thought

Manifesting success in any form is of course possible at anytime of the year but February gifts us with a heightened opportunity. The next universal 8 month is November 2022.

This is a perfect time to really learn the power of co-creation with the universe and your own personal power in making your dreams a reality.  If the universe wants you to have all the wealth and success you can handle do you really want to turn it down? 

Love yourself enough to allow the abundance of life flow to you.

Allow money to flow to you.

Love life enough to find gratitude in everything in and around you.

I can’t wait to see how February pans out but in the meantime come join me in my Facebook group for one of my most requested experiences, Chqs of Abundance. Chqs of Abundance starts 9th February for 9 days. This fun experience will expand and challenge your wealth vibration. See you in the group. 

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