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Numerology of a Blog

This is my first blog so it’s only fitting I examine the Numerology of a blog. I confess, this blog probably doesn’t follow any of the “successful blog” rules, but this newbie blogger just needs to break the ice before she changes her mind. Growth come from outside the comfort zone right 😬

First time blogger

Let me introduce myself before we go any further. I’m a Life Path 9, Destiny 6 and Soul 1 and my name, Samantha, resonates as a 5. If you’re new to Numerology this basically means don’t tell me what to do, i’ll do it my way but it will have to be perfect and add value – errr that would be why I’ve probably avoided writing blogs until now then!

Fortunately, those same numbers help me. They allow me let go of the stress and transform my energy so creativity, of sorts, can flow. So, I’m letting go and trusting this is the start of a beautiful new relationship between me and my blog.

This image shows how the numerology of Blog, Blogging and Blogger are calculated
Blog = 9
blogger = 3
blogging = 1

Numerology of words

I find the numerology of individual words so fascinating.

Each letter in every word resonates to a number 1-9. By adding the numbers of each word together, and taking the total down to single digit, we are able to establish the core numerological energy of any given word.

I’ll admit, my numerology nerdy self laughed at the numbers, Blog resonates as a 9 (yep my life path), Blogging resonates as a 1 (Uh huh, my soul number) and Blogger resonates as 3, my forever challenge number (learn more about numerology and the numbers)

So what does the Numerology of a blog, blogger and blogging tell us?

Numerology of Blog, Blogger, Blogging

BLOG resonates as a 9. In numerology the 9 is the number of endings, transformation, creativity, healing and compassion. The 9 is also about the bigger picture, the wider world, advocacy and activism. As this is my first ever blog I’m kinda hoping the 9 doesn’t spell the end before i’ve even started. However, It’s easy to see how blogs are used to reach a wider audience and share views and opinions.

A blog in the right hands has the power to influence so it’s no coincidence big businesses and small are using them as part of their marketing strategy. Let’s be honest, the very reason I’m starting out on this blogging journey is to enlighten my audience on the impact Numerology has on our lives and why clearing our energy is crucial in achieving our potential.

women holding cup with laptop

BLOGGER resonates as 3, the number of communication, expression, creativity and truth. I just love this. We’ve established that a blog is about expressing and informing but the person writing the blog, the blogger is the one sharing their truth and expressing their thoughts and opinions. Even if the blogger is a paid corporate employee they are still expressing the truth of their brand. Bloggers can be social in the writing inviting people in, holding their attention and that is exactly what the 3 energy loves, holding an audience.

Life Path 3’s are often people with creative flair and strong communicators. It makes absolute sense then that a lot of 3’s are writers, orators and artists in various forms; Charles Dickens, David Bowie, Jodie Foster and Linda McCartney are just a few famous Life Path 3s.

BLOGGING resonates with 1, independence, leadership, new beginnings and creativity. The energy of 1 can be impatient yet successful. Again the numerology of the word gives us another insight into it’s energetic value. If part of the purpose of a blog is building authority you are by default aiming to lead. The blogging world has grown 12% since 2015 according to optinmonster so it’s important to stand out and you do that by leading in your field and this can be evidenced with the blogger influencers that can be found in any given field.

Final Thoughts

I’ve loved looking a little deeper into the numerology of the blog, it continually amazes me how numbers really are the language of the universe. As for me and blogging, time will tell but fingers crossed one day my efforts will have me leading the field as I speak my truth and share my views.

Samantha Sutherland | Numerologist | Energy Healer

By the way, you can work out your own Life Path number by following a simple calculation. Check out how to here.

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