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Numerology Programmes

Numerology on a deeper level

Many people will just be simply curious about numerology and my Personal Numerology reading will be all that they want.

But some, and I’m guessing you, will love the idea of diving deeper, wanting to learn more about themselves and how to use the year ahead.


For those wanting to get to know themselves and their inner workings I have created the Know Your Self Programme.

This programme takes the original Personal Reading and adds to it with a further 11 numbers along with a private session that adds depth and context to the numbers. 

As well as being deeply informative the private session provides you the opportunity to ask questions and gain clarification on your reading content and how the numbers all work together.

This programme is for those who want to approach life differently.

Adding onto the Know Your Self programme, Know your Potential goes a step further and takes you on a journey of the next 12 months.

This is perfect for those wanting to focus on goals and using numerology to guide them along the way.  

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