Samantha Sutherland Life Empowerment Mentor using Numerology & EFT

Know Your Potential Numerology Programme

Once you know who you are and your personal year number, you can flow through the next 12 months with purpose and confidence.

I came away with a better understanding of myself, how I can manage my motivation and enthusiasm, when to curb my impulsive nature, and the perfect dates to launch my own products and services.

Who is the Know Your Potential Numerology Programme for?

In the Know your Self programme you discover who you are, what you are destined to experience and insight into areas such as how you start projects and how you go about solving problems.

This full Know your Potential programme includes all of that knowledge and then helps you apply that information to your coming 12 months; allowing you to create, align & flow in a way that is true to you.

This 4 step programme is for the woman who has decided it’s time to to let go of imposter syndrome and stop feeling lost. It’s for the woman who wants to work with the natural flow of life and hit her professional and personal goals with out resistance  and lack of fulfilment.

It’s for the woman who wants to approach life from a place of creativity and alignment without compromising drive and ambition.

What is included in the Know Your Potential Numerology programme?

A Voyage of Self Discovery and Alignment

Both the personal reading and 12 month forecast can be purchased separately but like most things there is magic in the detail.  During the two 90 minute sessions you will:

What will I Gain from the Know Your Potential Numerology Programme?

Numerology is an amazing tool and it is important to remember just that, it’s a tool.

The magic of Numerology exists in it’s ability to reveal to you your true self; your original pure potential and possibility without any of the trauma, experiences, and grind of life.  

This programme won’t create or fix you, it will release you. When you are able to connect with who you truly are it is so much easier to say yes to opportunities and follow your heart’s desire. 

Know your Potential will enable you to confidently embrace and develop your innate skills and talents. You will have the knowledge to course correct your thoughts and actions;  no longer working in the dark hoping the decisions you make and the focus you have are all going in the right direction.

Practically, knowing the theme and challenges of your 12 months will inform you how to approach it. You’ll know the months to slow down, to restore, to plan and to go for it.  If these don’t marry up with your plans we dive deeper into the vibrations of specific days to support your potential success.

With your new deeper understanding of how you work and think and you can feel confident, prepared and ready to go for the year you want, whether that’s building your business or building your family.

1 reading + 1 forecast + 3 hours = Knowing your Potential

...helped me understand myself in a deeper and more logical way...I’m so glad I met her and had this opportunity to understand more about numerology and most of all myself.

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