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Numerology is over 5000 years old. Many people across the world practice numerology personally and professionally to help guide, inform and empower.

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Its history goes back to Babylonian and Egyptian times but the most common modern day approach is known as Western Pythagorean. The beauty of numerology lies in its simplicity and applicability.

I could write pages on its history but in a way it’s irrelevant. We only have to look at our modern lives to see how influential numbers are. Buildings can’t be designed without them, our exchange system is based on the number value of currency and we measure time in numbers. It therefore makes sense that our own lives and selves are also influenced by numbers. 

What do the Numbers mean in Numerology?

In numerology the core numbers are 1 to 9 and collectively they cover all aspects of humanity, It’s easiest to think of each number being part of a skills and blessings collection. If the number is in your chart you have that collection but if you’re missing a collection don’t worry you can study, work and learn the required skills & outlooks.

Each number from 1 to 9, and 11, 22, 33, the master numbers, will always have the same vibration and meaning. However, it depends on how & where you apply the numbers as to how each of those meanings are interpreted.

Numerology can be applied to your own life and potential all the way to energy of your home, care and marriage date. 

Looking at numerology on a personal level, all Life Path numbers are covered by the numbers 1 to 9 with the addition of the numbers 11, 22 and 33. A common question is if there is a better number but that’s the wrong question. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, who you are different numbers are going to be more aligned. 

There is no such thing as a bad number but each number has it’s over and under energy so balance of the numbers vibration is important. For example. In balance the 1 is a number of strength, courage, success and leadership. In over energy it can be aggressive, stubborn and dominating. in under energy it is going to be subservient and lack confidence.

Let's take a look at the core vibration of each number.

The Independent Leader

1 is the number of new beginnings, new ideas and independence. 

1 is confidence, strength and leadership. It's decisive, motivated & ambitious.

The Peaceful One

2 is the number of peace, harmony and balance.

2 is the number of relationships,  diplomacy & cooperation. 2 is intuitive, gentle and romantic.

The Creative Expressionist

3 vibrates with creativity, light and imagination.

3 is personal truth, expression and communication. 3 is inspiring, social and joyful.

The Dedicated Worker

4 is the number of organisation, detail and hard work.

4 is dedicated, loyal and dependable. 4 is concentration, perseverance & methodical.

The Free One

5 is the vibration of freedom, bravery and light. 

5 is  adventure, originality and sociability. 5 is flexible, adaptable and dynamic.

The Caring One

6 is the number of home, family and domesticity.

6 is love, compassion and giving. 6 is responsible, self sacrificing and commitment.

The Spiritual One

7 is the vibration of knowledge, self awareness and development. 

7 is studious, informed and puzzle solver.  7 is  contemplation, intuition and spirituality.

 The Manifester

8 is the number of business, success and money. 

8 is respect, power and self mastery. 8 is visionary, efficiency and generosity.

The Compassionate Humanitarian

9 is the vibration of compassion, healing and service.

9 is forgiveness, completion and transformation. 9 is purpose & creativity.

The Enlightened One

11 is the vibration of intuition, inspiration & spirit.

11 is to enlighten others. 11 is creativity, invention & potential.

The Master Builder

22 is the vibration of success, manifestation and service.

22 is vision & creation. 22 is grounded & practical.

The Cosmic Parent

33 is the vibration of honesty, compassion and vision.

33 is love, joy & inspiration. 33 is nurturing & creative.

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Your Core Numbers

There are 7 core numbers for all of us. Each of your numbers are found using either your date of birth or your full name on your original birth certificate. There many more useful numbers in your chart but working with your core 7 numbers is like seeing your self and your potential through the eyes of the universe.

The Core numbers are:

  • Life Path Number : Your main number. It’s who you are, the life you chose to undertake, think of it as your Numerology DNA
  • Destiny Number : The life you are destined to experience, the focus of your life
  • Soul Number : Your true heart’s desire, the self you hold close
  • Personality Number : How others perceive you, your public face
  • Maturity Number : The skills and talents available for you to step into from 40+
  • Birthday Number : The skills and talents bestowed upon you at birth
  • Current Name Number : The only number to ever change, how you introduce yourself to the world
Other key numbers are your Personal Year number and your Challenge number.  Again these will resonate with one of the main 9 numbers and possibly the master 11.

Numerology and You

My personal experience of numerology is one of pure enlightenment. It didn’t fix me or indeed show me anything I didn’t really know. What it did do was join the dots and make sense of how I felt about myself and my life. It also mirrored to me where and why I struggled and felt out of place.

If you’ve been looking for something simple to understand that doesn’t take months and years to shed light on yourself, then numerology could just be the thing you’ve been looking for. 

Whether it’s my standard Personal Numerology number reading or the full Know your Potential program, I’ve got you covered.

Bringing Numerology into your life could just be the most affirming and empowering decision you make this year.

Samantha Sutherland | Numerologist | Energy Healer | Numerology

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