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Going through a period of change, transition or investment? When you know how the next 12 months will flow you can activate it for success and joy

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Who is a Personal Numerology Forecast for?

Each year we enter a new Personal Year vibration. Personal years flow in 9 year cycles with each year have a specific theme and focus. 

Understanding the theme and flow of your personal year can make your life easier and more targeted. 

Do you remember the scene in Bridget Jones Diary where she arrives in a sexy bunny outfit to an over 60s garden party! Well that’s kind of how it can be with your Personal Year, for example, you don’t want to spend a whole year saying no to courses, personal development and fighting the need for time out, only to find you are in a Personal Year 7 and that’s exactly what you should be doing to maximise it’s energy and your flow.

So this forecast is great for those in business, looking to achieve goals or simply wanting to use a different kind of energy to approach their year with. 

What information is included in my Personal Numerology Forecast?

The purpose of this forecast is assist you in confidently and purposefully approaching your next 12 months. Delivered in PDF, this gorgeous forecast will unveil:

What will I Gain from my Personal Forecast?

A Personal 12 month forecast is designed to give you an insight into how your year may unfold. 

This forecast isn’t predictive of super success or winning millions.

What it will give you though, is a flavour of your next 12 months, helping you to plan when to focus on play & creativity, relaxation, family, taking action and high vibe months for launch and manifesting.

Knowing this information provides a sense of purpose, direction and an accountability to yourself.  You can feel empowered and confident that you are flowing rather than forcing.

Are you ready to make the most out of your next 12 months?

If you love the sound of this but would like to understand the nuances of applying the knowledge of your full number set to working with your forecast then check out our Know Your Potential programme.

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