Samantha Sutherland Life Empowerment Mentor using Numerology & EFT

Samantha Sutherland Life Empowerment Mentor

I’m a girl with her heart in the heavens and her feet firmly planted on this gorgeous planet.  I love ice-cream, have the 20 minute power nap down to a fine art (top tip, give yourself permission to actually go to bed!) and is dedicated to finding her yoga ritual and finding places beautiful places to go rollerskating.

If you were to ask my friends, family and clients who I am, they would mostly say caring, enthusiastic and has an infectious energy.  I love that all three groups report the same qualities, it affirms I’m being authentically me, not just talking about it. What you see is what you get.

Over the years I’ve been known as the elbow whisperer, the magic arm lady and by one affection client a witch.  These names come from when I solely offered kinesiology as a Bio Alignment tool.  My tool box has since grown and now I’m largely recognised for uniquely combining Numerology with EFT; unveiling and unlocking your true self to deliver a power punch to your potential.

In reality, it took me 40+ years & 3 careers to figure out that it’s supporting women, to know they are so much more than their limiting beliefs and the roles they play, that really leaves me fulfilled. 

Why?  Because that person was me up until my early 40’s and I don’t want anyone else feeling frustrated, limited and blocked any longer than they have to.

In fact it upsets me knowing so many of us have pesky thoughts and beliefs holding us down. We all deserve to thrive, manifest, feel happy, loved, healthy and financially abundant if that’s what we want and why wouldn’t you?  If you haven’t figured it out, I’m very passionate about this!

You always had the power … you just needed to learn it for yourself

Glinda, Wizard of Oz

Samantha Sutherland | Numerologist | Energy Healer

A Life of Purpose

I serve women who are searching for answers and clarity in a way that aligns to them. My fabulous clients know they aren’t ‘broken’ and don’t need ‘fixing’. 

They do recognise they aren’t 100% fulfilled, have a tendency to self sabotage and don’t feel they are living up to their potential. They also don’t know why this is the case and feel stuck … enter moi.

I consider myself lucky to have a life purpose which unveils answers to these questions. Discovering yourself through your own unique set of numbers with Numerology can be one the most affirming, empowering and enlightening self development experiences. Many of my clients report aha moments and clarity in a way talking therapy & coaching just can’t uncover.  

To then be able to offer Energy Healing (EFT & Kinesiology), to help unlock anything stopping them from rising to their potential, is just amazing. 

Seriously, how lucky am I to be part of that process, it really is an honour.

Samantha Sutherland | Numerologist | Energy Healer
Samantha Sutherland | Numerologist | Energy Healer

Beyond the Business

When I’m not in awe of my clients and celebrating their commitment to themselves, you can catch me:

  • Exploring how to grow a cut flower garden
  • Loving on our gorgeous Bearded Collie, Hobbes
  • Raising a teen son who outright refuses to be used in any of my posts – so unfair!
  • Chilling out in Susie, our campervan, probably on the Norfolk coast which I swear is my soul home.

If i’m not doing any of these, you’ll likely find me watching TV. I know there is nothing sexy and high vibe about that but I love medical and police dramas, anything emotional and a bit of adventure, sci-fi and Disney never goes a miss.

If you’re curious to know more about this number obsessed, tapping, life loving girl, here are 5 things you probably don’t know (we have just met after all):

  1. I’m a Life Path 9, Destiny 6 and Soul 1. Basically this means I am all about splashing the love but I want to do it on my terms in a bad ass way.
  2. I adore deep epsom salt baths with essential oils, crystals and petals.
  3. I don’t particularly like alcohol but do love a cocktail – I know that doesn’t add up but it’s true.
  4. I would LOVE to be able to sing. I can’t but that doesn’t stop me, nor does Hobbes barking at me when I am singing.
  5. I love my Thermomix, it makes the best ever toffee sauce and caramel toffees. Oh and of course cocktails!

If you’re still here, thank you. I’d love to share more about me and the fabulous things that light up world, the fact that you’re still here I’m guessing we have a few things in common. Sign up to my newsletter (the pop up) and let’s get to know each other some more.

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