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Who is the Abundance Space Membership for?

The Abundance Space is for the woman who is ready to explore and step into her fearless, creative, spiritual and loving self without pressure and judgement.

The women who is ready to unleash her true abundant energy.

The aim of the membership is to support you in aligning to your own life of abundance, supporting you confidently walk along your life path towards your true potential.

It’s purposefully designed so you can join the classes live in a dedicated facebook group or catch up via the uploaded sessions in the Abundance Vault.

What do you get as part of the Membership?

To abundant in all parts of your life it’s useful to understand your feminine and masculine energies, also known as our Yin & Yang energies.

This membership is designed to pay attention to each energy, every month. The individual topics are guided by the universal monthly vibration.

We use the monthly vibration as a content guide because the energy is literally out there, around us, ready to be used. We’d be crazy not to tap into, and maximise the energy the universe has given us.

I love using universal tools to help support development and manage energies so I just love the Heaven & Earth class where you learn them magic of crystals, herbs, affirmations and essential oils. These tangible and sensory tools add such value to our lives I could not not have a class on them each month

What will I Gain from joining the Membership?

Being a member of the Abundance space will provide you with the opportunity to safely explore and develop yourself. Helping you to see the life of abundance you have and how to go about having more.

This isn’t deep healing but awareness and thought provoking.  It’s perfect for the person who is at the beginning of their journey or a seasoned traveller of self discovery.

Don’t trust me though, here are some quotes from happy customers.

Very stimulating 😀👍👐 I love being a part of this tribe and learn more about fascinating topics, directing my skills and intentions to create life of unlimited possibilities - thank you


Joining this tribe of abundance seeking Goddesses has been one of my leap of faith inspired actions in April 2021. I feel held in a safe space and accountable with the freedom to work at my own pace. This is perfect for anyone who needs flexible loving kick ass support! 💜🙏


As well as the Abundance Space, the Vault holds my purchaseables, freebies and courses. Why not go for a wander and see what jewels are hidden in the Vault.