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Let go this Spring

My favourite season is autumn but with its promise of blossom, baby birds and more daylight, spring comes in a close second. With spring we naturally think spring clean but what about spring cleaning your energy? This month provides the ideal opportunity to let go.

Numerology of 9

Other than the fact that I am a Life Path 9 (click here to work out yours), 9 is special because it is a culmination of the other non master numbers and has the ability to access all the positive aspects of their energies. 9 also represents the end of a 9 month cycle, just like winter does for the 4 seasons.

With the 9 in its corner, March universally encourages the energy of letting go, completion and transformation. Essentially it is time to spring clean our lives and get ready for a brand new cycle.

Not sure where to start? I have listed below 5 ways to help you embrace the month’s 9 offering and spring clean your energy. The question is are you ready to roll up sleeves and get cleaning?

number 9 on wall to reference numerology 9

5 ways to spring clean your energy

Let it go

One of the core energies under the 9 is letting go. Whether you are going full in and releasing old habits and trauma or simply spring cleaning your closet it’s a time to let go and, essentially, simplify your life. I adore how this year’s National Old Stuff Day coincides with the month’s New Moon (2nd March), a beautiful synchronistic opportunity to let go, make space and call in the new.

Time to finish up

In a similar vein to let it go, the 9 supports the energy of completion. Having unfinished projects, tasks and ideas ‘lying around’ often takes up physical and energetic space. Take some time out this month to get things finished and clear the decks. Let go of the projects not going anywhere or at least consciously park them. Finish those little tasks taking up residence in your brain. It may be a tiresome process but you’ll be left with clarity and a sense of freedom, not to mention creating space for another of the 9 energies to flow, creativity.

Open Mindedness

The 9 is a compassionate energy and encourages to have a broad outlook on life. To help you step into this it might be time to let go of expectation.  Personally this has been one of the biggest life lessons for me.  When I’ve had expectations I’ve invariably been let down or left disappointed. 

Instead of expecting, approach a situation or person with fresh energy. Be open to being surprised, new experiences and receiving different information. Being truly open minded can change your view of life, your experience and ultimately transform your every day experience.  Consider how much of your day is filled with expectation either in terms of results or people and find ways to expand your energy and your mind.

It’s time to believe

Transforming your energy and outlook is often associated with energy clearing and trauma resolution. But what about doing it the other way?  What if you found the opposite of feeling unworthy and created a feeling so strong in your body of worthiness that it left an imprint?  And this imprint created a ‘memory’ for you to work with as you learn to believe as well as release.


Spring clean your own energy by simply being kind-hearted. Being kind, compassionate, thoughtful and friendly all help to lower your own stress hormones as well lifting others in your presence.

Supporting tools

There are many tools to help you as you go about this beautiful 9 month and transition into the potential of spring and the coming 1 month in April. Below are a few suggestions of my favourite tools to support you to let go, clean up and open up.


A beautiful tool to help you with self exploration and identifying what to let go off and where to start healing. Pose questions, make lists or free write, the possibilities are numerous with journalling.

Attitude of Gratitude

Start your day grateful for all that is coming and end the day grateful for all that has been. Whether you write it, speak it, meditate on it it doesn’t matter. The depth of your gratitude is where the magic really is.


Create space for healing and exploration with meditation. Can’t meditate, start with just 1 minute and take it from there. Positive Psychology share some simple ways to meditate in various styles, check it out and see if anything inspires you.


Let the 9s creative energy support you in visualising how you want to feel and live.  Vision boards, mental rehearsal or writing it down are all ways to creatively bring new energy into your life. No matter your chosen route, the key is to ensure such a strong resonance with what you are creating that it leaves a lasting impression for you to take with you. The more you work with this energy the more room it takes up, taking up space from the the old energy you no longer want to inhabit.

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget, 9 is the universal energy so this may not be your predominant energy this month. However, regardless of your personal month energy there is always room for a bit of a clear out and let’s be honest, being grateful or being kind is just being a nice person.

Have a fantastic month and if you’ve managed to read this without singing Let it go, I applaud you because I’ve been singing it the whole time while writing it😊

Samantha Sutherland

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