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Your Personal Year number helps you get more out of 2021

Are you flowing or struggling this year? Your Numerology Personal Year number could well explain why. With July 2nd, marking the half way point of 2021; it’s a great time to reflect on how its going for you?

Feeling stuck, exhausted from all the changability or desperate to feel free and get back out in to the world, can all be signs you are feeling the effects of this years Universal energy.

In numerology terms, 2021 is a Universal Year 5, a year of freedom, change, opportunities, travel and exploration. 2021 is certainly lives up to its promise of delivering change and forcing us to adapt; I know my family has adapted its summer travel plans about 10 times.

All is not lost, 2021 still has six months to go with plenty of time to travel & explore. However, travel isn’t the only source of freedom, I crave the freedom to just go out when and where I want without thought, planning, taking a test or booking. What does freedom mean to you? Is freedom the ability to travel or do you relate it your finances, health, sexuality, creativity etc? Because of all the external influences over the past 15 months you may find yourself examining what freedom really means to you.

On the funside, keep your eyes open for opportunities because as well as the travel bug 2021 promises exciting and sparkly opportunities if we you’re open to seeing them and brave enough to step in to them.

If the universal year energy is affecting you, how is your personal year having an impact?

Your Personal Year has a bigger impact

As well as the Universal year, the energy we all have access to, we all have a stronger & more influencial Personal Year. Our years run in 9 years cycles, each having a theme and requiring us to use and develop a set of skills and tools to flow with it. You can work out your personal year using this calculation:

Calculating your Personal Year

Understanding your personal year can help you flow with 2021, and every year, so much easier. Knowing your number helps you understand if it’s a greater year to be creative, take it slower, heal, invest in personal development, go large on the launches etc.

Your personal years and months can shed light on why you feel on fire some months and others feel like you’re walking through mud. Maybe some months you feel super social and others you just want to be with family at home, all cosy. Basically, a little bit of numerology knowledge can make the difference between loving or hating your year.

Put simply, numerology provides a blueprint which you can choose to flow with. Consider it like an invitation to a party with guidance on the dress code and what to expect. Of course you can go against it and do your own thing. But maybe if you just let go and went with it, you might just have more fun. Going with the guidance doesn’t take away your uniqueness, independence or creativity. If used right it should help everything flow so much easier.

Personal Year Descriptions

Flowing with my Year 1

I’m in a personal year 1, which provides me with the insight that this year I should focus on the future and sowing seeds for growth both personally and professionally. 2021 is a year to design the outline of my next 9 years. It’s a year for new projects, connections and opportunities. It’s a time for me to really stand in my own confidence, set goals and follow my dreams.

This year isn’t a time for me to be quite and trepidatious. It’s a year of boldness and bravery. It’s also a good year to start new personal endeavours like fitness, health and hobbies.

I’m determined to leave 2021 having given it everything; I’m not sure I’d have been so focused without knowing the opportunities of flowing with the 1. I already know next year’s focus is around deepening relationships and nurturing plans. I can take things slightly slower then, but this year it’s time to go for it and not hold back.

2021 has seen me start a blog (this is the 2nd one!) and my website is finally relaunched after years of saying it needs doing. I’ve stepped into my own strength and say yes as much as I can – trust me this is not my default! I’m already looking forward to my end of year reflection and recognising all i’ve achieved and the energy I gave to 2021. Are you looking forward to that feeling too?

5 benefits of flowing with your Personal Year

  1. You have insight and knowledge helping you make sense of the year and its potential.
  2. You are able to target your goals for maximum affect and plan effectively.
  3. Your negative self talk can be diminished because you understand why things are flowing they way they are.
  4. You can focus better knowing where your energy is best spent.
  5. Overall you have a sense of empowerment; you are in control and not at the mercy of outside influences.

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