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EVERYTHING is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the FREQUENCY of the REALITY you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be not other way ~ Albert Einstein


I admit this quote is used everywhere, and pretty much by anybody who works with energy, but I still love it. In just 31 words Einstein manages to get across a complex subject.

To be clear, I am not going to start quoting, or even trying to explain, quantum physics. There are some basic principles to get your head round when it comes to energy healing but if it’s your ‘thing’ you’ll simply accept it for the results it gives.

I am not here to dismiss the value of scientific based evidence, allopathic medicine or even to persuade you energy healing is the right thing for you, that’s not my job.

I’ve personally received energy healing for the last 10 years and it’s been life changing. I’ve also, in the same period, had two emergency operations which were potentially life-saving. 

As with all things, everything has it’s time and space and aren’t we lucky to live in a world where we have options and access to so many amazing healing modalities.

So now we've got that out the way, where does energy healing fit in to your life and why would you even consider it.

Let’s get practical, (safely) think about something that upset you in the past. Maybe a teacher shouted at you, a friend betrayed you or an employer was unjust.  When those memories are recalled, or triggered forward, their intensity can be as strong 10 years later as they were at the time of happening.

That is unresolved energy, energy which is being held in your body, unable to be released without personal or professional intervention. We recognise them as emotions, because e-motions are energy in motion.

Having worked with clients for nearly 10 years i’ve seen how holding in the pain of betrayal has disrupted the physical body’s functioning and how fear from a childhood situation has limited professional growth.

It continually amazes me how the decisions we make, often without realising, can effect our emotional, physical and spiritual functioning.


It continually amazes me how the decisions we make, often without realising, can effect our emotional, physical and spiritual functioning.

Samantha Sutherland | Numerologist | Energy Healer

If we go back to Albert Einsteins quote we can see how this happens.  Einstein states that our frequency creates our reality. This is great if your frequency or vibration is high, but if subconsciously we are looking for danger, feel we need to protect ourselves or are overly health aware, we can unwittingly bring about that exact situation.

To be clear I am not suggesting you wanted to get ill or lose that job or suffer hardship in anyway. 

Let’s look at it another way. 

have you ever had one of those mornings where you’ve just felt it’s all going wrong and thought it’s going to be one of those days?  Do you recall getting to the end of the end of the day and thinking I knew it was going to be a bad day and then been able to run through a list of all the things that went ‘wrong’?  I’m being simplistic, but this is a really good example of our vibration creating our reality.  

In practical terms there isn’t a fairy flying round making your day bad, in fact on any other day you wouldn’t have even noticed all the things that went wrong, but on that day your mind did everything it could to prove your belief that it was going to be a bad day. A bad day isn’t good and we need protecting from it, to be protected from it we need to be aware of it. 

Another example of the miracle that is our energy system is its amazing ability to communicate with us. Have you ever had a headache but a friend called and completely took your mind off it. After the call you realised the headache wasn’t there. Or, have you dreaded a situation you needed to deal with and felt really sick just thinking about it, but once you ‘got out of it’ you didn’t feel so bad?  Clever huh!

How is Energy Healing going to help me?

Energy Healing is a global term used as a catch all for all energy medicine, energy psychology and spiritual healing.

I am qualified in 3 amazing techniques which I combine with the Law of Attraction when working with my clients. These are:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (AKA EFT & Tapping)
  • Matrix Re-imprinting
  • Health Kinesiology (now known as Natural Bioenergetics)

These 3 modalities all work with your energy so in effect you guide the session. It is my role to hold space, ask the right questions and guide you through the process. Because of this we are always confident that what is coming up in session is what is needed by you.

Of course these 3 techniques can pretty much help you with anything but I use them to serve women who want to release the noise and trauma holding them back from greatness, freedom and abundance.

My clients aren’t broken and don’t need fixing, in fact no-one does.  What my clients are, is often lost, frustrated and unfulfilled. They are struggling with self doubt, loss of identity, self sabotaging behaviours and lack of self love.

Take Aladdins Lamp. It was originally shiny, new and full of wishes and potential. As it goes through life it gets tarnished because of the elements and all the hands it goes through. The lamp is still the same lamp, still full of wishes and potential and with a little bit of love, care and cleaning its shiny is revealed again.

In reality the lamp is you.  The elements and hands are your experiences and exposures to others thought’s and beliefs.  The tarnish is your negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, doubts and pain. In your story, Energy Healing is the cleaning the lamp receives.

What I adore about the ladies that work with me is they know, somewhere, they are amazing. They know they want to feel more, be more and achieve more. They want to feel aligned to their truth even if they have no idea what that is or how to get there  when they first work with me.

Energy Healing with Samantha

My role is in helping you unlock the emotions, trauma, limiting beliefs and pain stored in your energy system & holding you back from your goal.  Your role is to simply be open to the healing and clearing that needs to occur.

It’s important for me when working together that remain open and place no expectation on the results; ok that may sound odd you working with me to sort something out! The thing is, I believe and trust you will end up where you need to be and that isnt’ always where we think your going.  

The tools I use will always work with your highest good in mind in relation to the reason you came to me. As much as i’d like to think i am the only solution you will ever need, 10 years of working with clients has shown me I may be the beginning, middle or end of your healing journey. I may be your whole journey. 

I’ve worked with clients and had those 1 session wonders, i’ve had clients who have only had a few sessions then realised they belong somewhere else and i’ve had clients who have continue to worked with me for years as they go deeper into finding and unlocking themselves. The one thing I am certain of, is you will end up where you are meant to be and i find such beauty and magic in that.

I work very intuitively so unless you specifically request one of my core modalities I will be guided by my experience and intuition as to what is the best approach for you at that time. This decision is guided by how you are presenting, what shifts have occurred and your general feedback and goal.

Although all my sessions are conducted on-line this doesn’t diminish the effective of energy work, in fact I’m sure it increases it.

In addition to working with EFT, Matrix Re-imprinting and Kinesiology I incorporate other healing tools such as crystals, oracle cards, affirmations and essential oils. Nature and the universe provide such amazing energy it would insane not to use them.

Is Energy Healing Right for me?

Of course I’m going to say yes, I love, and just can’t ignore, the benefits it’s had on my life and the lives of my clients. 

I do however believe in the trinity of healing. For your healing to stand a real chance of being successful you need:

  1. The right practitioner
  2. The right modalities
  3. Be ready and open to healing, it’s not always the smoothest of processes!
We all go through periods in our lives when entering into healing/clearing is simply needed to move forward.  You don’t even need to know what you want as an outcome other than you don’t want to stay where you are.

Energy Healing can support you by keeping your energy balanced so you can keep going or it can help to let your mind body and soul access it’s own natural healing function so you can feel happy, healthy and confident again.

The best way to find out if working with me is your way forward is to actually work with me or have a conversation where I can answer any questions you have and then decide if we are right for each other.

Some clients have also found completing the Know your Self Numerology Programme first has helped them to gain clarity and understanding of their true self and felt more empowered in their healing as a result. 

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