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December 2021 Numerology

I was recently asked why I’m not sharing my monthly Numerology forecasts outside of my Facebook group? The answer, I have no idea.

Here it is, the first of my regular forecast blogs, December’s Numerology. Yes I know we are already a week in but it’s never too late to align to the magic the universe provides for us.

So, other than Christmas shopping and eating brussell sprouts (which I love by the way) what else does December in store?

Brussell Sprouts in December

8 – The Manifester

This year, December is a universal month 8 and that means a time for manifesting and with the recent new moon, now is the perfect time to embrace the energy action and creation. Focus on your career, be inspired and don’t slow down; there is still time to get everything you can from this year.

Don’t take your foot off the pedal. The 8 manifester energy can support you to meet goals with hard work, positive energy and ambition. All activity that take you towards your goals are perfect.

As the 12th month, December is a month 3 (1+2=3) in its own right. The Numerology of 3 tells us December is also a month to be true to you, embrace joy, socialise and play. However, the Universal 8 needs you to balance this play vibe with work. Activities combining both energies are perfect. Networking, connecting with the contacts, referring and celebrating the years successes all achieve this and make the most of the rest of the year.

Although there is a strong emphasis on working hard to create the life you desire, don’t forget why are doing it. It’s important to spend time with your family, friends and loved ones so find your balance during the festive period and savour each moment.

The 8 vibration has a strong money energy so it’s also a time to keep an eye on your finances. Again, at Christmas time it sounds like an obvious statement. The Numerology of 8 understands the ebb and flow of money so enjoy your hard-earned money but spend within your means. Don’t go overboard to make up for a rubbish year. However, as a balance, if you are a giver and enjoy giving then just do it, just keep track of the pennies.

Remember, December is an amazing time for sparkles (who doesn’t love sparkles) and warming smells. Fill your home with aromas such as frankincense and orange and a drop of cinnamon. Embrace the way they lift your environment and raise your vibration.

Personal month summary

Numerology Personal Year calculation

The universal month discussed above applies to everyone. Your personal month vibrations apply specifically to you. Here is a summary on how to get the most out of your December. To establish which month you are in, calculate your personal year using the method in the image.

Personal Year 1. Month 4. Get practical and focused on achieving your goals and calling in your intentions. Get everything in order, including your money.

Personal Year 2&11. Month 5. Aligned to the Universal year 5 this months asks you to be prepared for change and take a few risks. It’s fast moving but stay focused, balance and flexible. Be confident and seen. If you are feeling sensitive to all the energy and ‘noise’ of this month take time to ground.

Personal Year 3. Month 6. Be true to your needs as well as acknowledging everyone else’s. Forgive those who need it, including yourself. Enjoy your home and pouring love on those who enter. Lead with love and your manifesting energy will be strong.

Personal Year 4. Month 7. Take time to regroup and reset, especially if overwhelm creeps in. Use your intuition to guide your decisions and align to your intentions, goals and actions. A little personal development is also perfect this month if you have time amongst all the christmas hullabaloo.

Personal year 5. Month 8. Anything can happen so hold on tight and go for it. Be adaptable and go with the flow. Be mindful of keeping a positive mindset aligned to your desires. If you like receiving gifts, embrace the energy of receiving and if you enjoy receiving, find joy and delight in the pleasure of giving.

Personal year 6. Month 9. Work on letting go of anything you don’t want to take into 2022. Finish up projects or release them. Forgive where forgiveness is needed. The full moon is a universal 9 day; work with it and make way for the energy of manifesting.

Personal year 7. Month 1. Be brave and proactive this month. You’re at the beginning of a new 9 month cycle so reflect on who you are and what you are creating. Take courageous steps towards a life aligned to your truth. Look for new opportunities and connections.

Personal year 8. Month 2. Use your intuition to guide your manifesting activities. Don’t get overwhelmed by the fast energies around you, you can choose to stay in your lane and nature is often that lane. Use your gifts of diplomacy to create calm should it be needed!

Personal year 9. Month 3. Have fun and let loose and allow the energy of creativity to flow through you. Let go of some of that responsibility you’ve been carrying around and embrace the lighter side of life. The best way to do December is to simply be your true you.

December LOA tip

Work with the Law of Attraction and trust the universal energies around you as we approach the end of the year. With love & gratitude in your heart, hold a clear vision of your life and career in your minds eye. Be open to embracing the sparks of energy the months brings and never doubt the magic.

Finally, mind your language! Keep attuned to the words you think, write and speak. Learn to direct your tone, keeping clear of low energy, negative words. Instead, you can easily switch to more positive and higher energy words. Feel great and inspire yourself and others.

Before I sign off, I just want to let you know about my 2022 workshop running on the 2nd of January. The workshop, ‘My Intentional Year’ will be a great way to release 2021 and step into 2022. Combining numerology, tapping, prayer and creativity it’s going to be a fabulous way to spend the first New Moon of 2022. You can find out more, and book your space, here.

In the meantime, embrace the remainder of 2021 personally and professionally, but party like it’s 2021.

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