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January 2022, Numerology Forecast

Happy New year guys, we made it to January 2022.

How was your festive period?  I hope you weren’t one of the many hit with Covid. Thankfully I was able to spend the days with my loved ones. Not gonna lie though, it’s nice getting back to some normality. I don’t consider myself a routine person but it always feels so nice to come back to, like your own bed after being on holiday (remember those!)

Anyway, enough blabbering. 

Welcome to January 2022

Here we are, the first month of 2022, I’m a little blown away that we are in 2022 so I adore that universally we are in a month 7, The Spiritual One. I feel like the universe is reminding me it’s ok to tiptoe into the month rather than jump into it at full speed.

In numerology, the 7 is the domain of knowledge, data, deepening your craft, personal development and (hints in the name) spiritual development. It doesn’t matter what your life path is, being a universal month, we are all affected by this energy. Those in a personal year 7, or with a strong 7 in their personal numerology will have an even higher connection.

Being January, this month’s 7 provides a gorgeous opportunity to really reflect on 2021; your triumphs, lessons, feelings & gratitude etc. January’s full moon falls on a universal 9 day so, if you haven’t done so already, you may want to perform a release ceremony and close 2021 with love and gratitude.  

The obvious follow on, is to explore what you really want in 2022 and beyond. For me this is more than tangible goals and material objects. Connection with the emotional energy of our desires allows for a deeper and more aligned vision. 

With the months offering of heightened intuition and its spiritual vibe, you are also supported, encouraged even, to go deep and explore why you want what you do. So often our desires are driven by our exposure to social media messages, our up bringing and social circles. It can be hard to truly know if your ‘wants’ are your own. Open your heart and soul and see what’s really there.

Using the 7 vibe in January 2022

This month is a fabulous time to dive deep into yourself and ask those questions you don’t always make time for. Considering it is a universal year 6 it’s a good time to explore your family & home (see previous post). Are they serving you in a fulfilling way and nurturing you? 

This might sound a little much, how is your home serving you, but it’s a thing. Think about it, why do we move?  Usually, it’s because we’ve physically out grown the home, circumstances change, we change, our needs change. You may find your house doesn’t inspire you and support creative endeavours or you simply don’t feel the energy flows. Again, use this month’s vibe to sit and feel your home. Explore its energy and how it practically serves you. Year 6s are known for moves, extensions and renovations

Personal and Spiritual Development

The 7 also provides us with the perfect supporting vibe to get to know ourselves on a deeper level. Personal development is on point this month, in fact I’ve used this universal prompt to sign up to a course with Joe Dispenza I’ve been meaning to do the for the last 9 months. Is there a personal development avenue you’ve been meaning to explore?

I do like maximising my efforts so I’m grateful the course I’ve enrolled on ultimately crosses both personal and spiritual development. The 7 vibe opens and supports a connection to the universe, spirits and angels. Working with tools such as oracle cards, intuitive writing and meditation can help access the information and connection. It’s a gorgeous opportunity for growth in a way a book can’t provide.

Samantha Sutherland | Numerologist | Energy Healer | Numerology

Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment

Lao Tzu

Be mindful not to dismiss your intuition, messages and callings. Have faith in yourself and the unknown and go with it, see what happens.

With all the new and deepening knowledge and opening of personal energy you may find yourself wanting a little more time out this month. It’s ok. This need is driven by a natural physical response to needing time to process everything.

The gift of January

If we look at the wordology of January, we find that it vibrates as a 6. How gorgeous that this aligns with the year. It has a soul vibration of the 5, the energy of change and adventure. Its personality is the 1, independence, courage, innovative thinking. Even leadership. Or course it is also a month 1 in its own right as the first month of the year. I just get so excited writing this. 

Instead of viewing January as the month where it’s dark, post-Christmas and all blah, numerology shows us it’s full of potential. That we should take the month and stand in our own strength, look for opportunities and see the year ahead as an adventure.

Ultimately the January calls for us to put ourselves front and centre, the question is will you step into this? Use this added energy to help answer those questions we’ve already mentioned. What do you want and need this month? Indeed, use that big picture energy of the 1 and determine what you want out of this year. Don’t get to the end of the year feeling you’ve not made the most of the year.

Aligned actions in January 2022

Here are 7 aligned ways you can work with the 7 energy this month;

  1. Meditation will help explore your inner energy as you reset yourself. Self-development begins with self-awareness. Remember that.
  1. Read. Whether it is self-help or pure escapism there is nothing like curling up in the long, dark winter months with a good book.
  1. Breathing exercises. There are many guides and videos online to help with breathing exercises and they will assist in clearing the mind to centre yourself. 
  1. Get grounded, but stay in tune with your spiritual connection and psychic abilities. You can simply take a deck of playing cards, give them a good shuffle and challenge yourself to guess the next suit or number of the following card.
  1. Teach. Share the knowledge you have learned and help others on their path. Rewarding to both of you.
  1. Next month is a universal month 8, maximise it by healing any money and wealth limiting beliefs and blocks. Free yourself to align to an abundance of wealth.
  1. Book my Know your Self numerology experience. A great way to explore yourself, talents and destiny through the lens of Numerology.

Ok, that last one was a little bit cheeky of me.

However, when feedback includes life changing, affirming and you’re amazing it really is worth considering.

Your Personal Month summary for January 2022

For those of you already working with Numerology here is an insight into your January by Personal month. Use the calculation to work out yours.

Personal Year 1 : Personal Month 2

It’s a big year for you. This month aim to take it slower, focusing on creating emotional balance. Give those big ideas time to breath before rushing forward. Consider how you can build relationships though confident and inspiring communication. Tune into your intuition especially when considering your own needs.

Personal Year 2 : Personal Month 3

Be mindful this month of extreme and sensitive emotions. Say yes to social invitations and indulge the energy of the inner child. Above all love life and find the sunshine wherever you go and in whatever you do.

Personal Year 3 : Personal Month 4

You’re starting off the year with the energy of organisation and focus. If you have 4s in your chart you will be able to work with it. If you don’t you may find you’re a bit frustrated by the months energy. Try and lean into the months vibe. Use the focus to make progress on your goals and get organised in your life, especially around money.

Personal Year 4 : Personal Month 5

You have one goal. It’s brief yet to the point. As the year gets underway embrace change, opportunity and the randomness of life. Try new techniques to open up and explore your creative side.

Personal Year 5 : Personal Month 6

Aligned to the new universal year, this month you’re being asked to take charge of your responsibilities. Prepare to have less of a focus on yourself and more so for others. Be open to making changes in your home life if they are needed. Why not put your desire for experiences to use by planning something fun for everyone?

Personal Year 6 : Personal Month 7

With the highly influential universal year and month you are reminded to focus on yourself and bring the energy inwards this month. Devote time to expanding your knowledge and skills in an area that you love and brings you joy. Use the month to restore and relax, readying yourself from a final push for a successful 2021 to an impactful start to 2022.

Personal Year 7 : Personal Month 8

Use your years energy of self excavation to dive into your beliefs around money and success. Do you have lessons to learn from 2021 when it comes to developing your manifesting muscles? Open your energy to an abundance of both. Use meditation and other centring practices to bring it all in.

Personal Year 8 : Personal Month 9

If you haven’t yet released 2021, spend this month reflecting and abandon all that is no longer serving or relevant. Consider where you are going in the next 9 months and what energy will be required to make it happen.

Personal Year 9 : Personal Month 1

January 2022 begins your 9 month cycle. A month of new beginnings. Think big goals and be ready to take the opportunities presented to you. Don’t sit back and wait for it to happen though. Allow your own independence and confidence to lead you as the master of your destiny this month.

Personal Year 11 : Personal Month 3

Use this month to really communicate your gifts and show others who you are. Don’t hold yourself back. It’s the ideal time to confidently stand in the spotlight so you can shine your light upon others. It may be January but it is a social month for you, so be ready to say yes and be spontaneous. Equally don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling emotionally sensitive this month!

So there we are. Numerology offers us a deeper understanding of the energy around us and how to make the most of it. I’d love to know if this changes how you feel about January so please feel free to comment.

Don’t forget to read the previous post on 2022 being and the universal year 6 here

Until next time, enjoy this new month and always be yourself, there is no one you are better at being.

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